Floating Solar in the news

Miami-Dade County approves floating solar project at MIA Airport


Florida Power & Light and D3Energy are partnering together to bring South Florida it's first floating solar project

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Bloomberg visits D3E's floating solar array at Orlando Utilities


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Orlando to applaud the city's efforts to fight climate change.

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Google to build first water-based solar array in Taiwan


Google announces it recently signed its first green deal in Asia, a solar project to be built above fishing ponds in Taiwan

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NBC spotlights the benefits of 'floatovoltaics'


New report spotlights benefits of installing solar panels on bodies of water - providing power without taking up valuable real estate

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Floating PV finds a virtual battery in hydropower


  Accumulated water at hydropower facilities can work as a virtual charge during the daytime while direct solar power is being used, according to a study. 

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Thailand announces plans of 2.7GW of floating solar


 The state-run utility, ERAT, has announced plans of 2.7GW of floating solar.   The plan includes 16 locations, all of which are dams, so they can improve hydroelectric production along with solar generation 

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