Who we are

D3Energy is a premier solar developer, exclusively focusing on floating solar projects.  We handle all aspects of a project from early stage development, sales, service, installation and maintenance.  D3Energy sees floating solar as the 'wave' of the future in the solar industry.   They have expertise in all aspects of floating solar projects including permitting, engineering and construction.  

Ciel & Terre has been developing large-scale solar power plants for commercial, government, & non-profit institutions since 2006.  In 2011, they began providing innovative floating solar solutions.  As the floating solar pioneer and expert, they have developed the foremost preeminent industry leading floating system called the Hydrelio, and now provides this technology all over the world.

D3Energy and Ciel & Terre have entered into a partnership to market and develop floating solar systems in the United States.

Our Story

We started in the construction ​business in 1957.  In the late 80's we added traditional energy, oil & gas to our portfolio.  Seeing the future of energy, D3Energy was started in 2013 as a renewable energy company with its sole focus on developing floating solar projects.   We have witnessed the tremendous growth of the FPV sector over the past 6 years.   We are excited and blessed to be at the forefront of this sector in the solar industry.

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Executive Team

Lowell S. Dunn II


Chief Executive Officer

Stetson Tchividjian


Director of Business Development

Steven Sandler


Legal Council

Kathy M. Rangel


Senior Financial Analyst

Glenn W. Reed


Senior Engineer